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Under the terms of Japan Post, we can not deliver rods that exceed Closed length 150cm. Closed length Rods less than 150cm can be delivered(2 piece rod etc. with total length less than 9.0ft). We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Shimano 17 EXPRIDE 2610 ML-2

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Shimano 17 EXPRIDE 2610 ML-2

Prix €201.47 €186.55
Numéro de produit 4969363387684
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Fabricants de ce produit SHIMANO
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Total length: 2.08 m * The image of the product being posted is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.
High performance rod which put Shimano prestige and skill into it. The high performance rod that pushed the prestige of the rod maker was reborn with a new design applied to all items. Blanks with a high proportion of high elastic carbon reinforced with high power X. We succeeded in lighter weight and higher balance up to more than 10% while maintaining rigidity. Sharpness, sensitivity, and response improved dramatically while maintaining power. Reel seat using CI 4 + material contributes to weight reduction and aesthetic improvement. Matt rubber coating further polished the texture further. Adopt dedicated design for each item according to the technique. Items less than 7 ft are delicate rod actions that capture tough fields, over 7 ft is power-oriented design that assumes Big Lake and authentic American big bus. Technical long spin with a response that delicately manipulates a lighttrig and a small plug in a long distance. While being good at approaching points with a soft tip, it also responds to fast fishing with high repulsion berry & bat. It is suitable for fishing such as Carolina rig and shad plug searching, jumping head and so on.

Available For International Shipping.

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Satisfactory price!
Posté par:M.Taylor Postérieure à la date:2018年9月25日 mardi
Why is this shop cheaper than other shops? I heard it is cheap because it is a directly managed store by Japanese manufacturer. I think that other shops should have the same price.

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